The Ultimate DIY Tour Budgeting Guide for Bands

If the mysteries of DIY tour budgeting for bands have always perplexed you, or you’re frustrated by the financial losses each of your tours incurs…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Many artists don’t think of their band as a business, but that’s what it really is.

Learning how to run that business is key to success as a band!

Download your free copy of The Ultimate DIY Tour Budgeting Guide for Bands!

It’s been updated to the second edition with a new bonus section containing a gear manifest.

About The Guide

The guide includes information and spreadsheets to help you create an accurate and reliable tour budget, including:

  • An itinerary page
  • Estimated daily expenses
  • Fuel calculations
  • Expense log
  • Actual daily expenses
  • Profit or loss statement
  • Commissions and fees worksheet
  • Bonus section: gear manifest

Plus a twelve page guide on how to utilize the spreadsheets and plan your budget!

YOU should download The Guide now if:

  • You’ve ever thought that touring was difficult or overwhelming
  • You thought finances were hard to keep track of while on the road
  • You want to maximize your band’s return on investment on your next tour

You shouldn’t download The Guide if:

  • You like losing money on your tours
  • You love spending hours creating Excel spreadsheets
  • You have a tour manager (but send them this guide, he or she will thank you later)

Written by James

James is the owner of Pinnacle Pro Sound and has a broad experience in the music industry from radio to concert production and touring. Look out for occasional posts with tips for artists to make the most of their careers in music!