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  1. Pop punk - Co-produced, Recorded, and Mixed Infinite Signal 3:25
  2. Rock - Mixed Zebra Libra 3:26
  3. Indie - Recorded (live), Mixed, and Mastered Coquette 3:58
  4. Ska-punk - Recorded (live), Mixed, and Mastered Mrs. Skannotto 3:05
  5. Emo/Pop punk - Recorded (live), Mixed, and Mastered The Traditional 3:44

What I do:


This is where it all begins.

You've spent weeks, months, or even years crafting your songs. You've slaved over the arrangement, choosing to create the proper ebb and flow for the song.

Let me help you convey the magic.


If you're sick and tired of having a mix that sounds good by itself, but seems subpar when it's compared to other mixes... Look no further!

I will take your song the extra mile to compete with others in your genre.


James took on the task of capturing three live tunes for my band Suburban Samurai. These would go on the be the first recordings we would distribute as we began to work our foot into the door and book ourselves around the east coast of the U.S. Two years and 100 shows later, we remember and appreciate the very smooth, relaxed, and friendly environment that he created for us. Though we only spent one very long and late night in his live room, James worked with us over the next 3 weeks to complete the project. He's got the relaxed yet efficient state of mind in the studio, and has the touring chops necessary to back that up and make sure you're on point and moving forward.


Suburban Samurai

James and I worked together while he recorded, mixed, and produced a 6 track album for my band. James put in many long nights perfecting audio tracks so that they would be as appealing as possible. He was easy to work with and was dedicated to the project at hand.


Dented Personality, Better Things

We worked with James and our experience was nothing short of professional and exceptional! He committed his time and effort into our recordings, from setting up for recording all the way through the mastering process. Highly recommend working with Pinnacle Pro Sound for any of your engineering, mixing, or mastering needs!


Infinite Signal


These days a lot of artists think a professional release is beyond their means and try to do it themselves.

While that might work for some people, more often than not it results in a sub-par end product.

I work with artists who track their own material to mix and master their songs to create the end product they have been dreaming of.

James Cross

Owner and Lead Engineer


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