Studio Preparation Checklist

A studio preparation checklist helps get your head in the game before entering the studio. Not only does it list what gear you'll need, but it also has handy tips that will help the engineer save time on your session, which might save you money.

Why Do You Need One?

A long time ago, back in 2010, I was interning at a local radio station. One of my duties was mixing bands live on the air and getting the PA system/monitoring set up. On one occasion, we had an old school punk band coming in for a session. Everyone was excited, and we couldn't wait to get these guys on the air.

That's when absolute disaster struck. The bass player realized he'd left his bass in his other car two hours away. This guy seriously had left his instrument a state over, because he didn't have a checklist of what to bring on the road with him.

Thankfully, in the anecdote above we had some spare time, the bass player was able to go to a local music store and buy a cheap bass to use for one performance. $135 and a bruised ego later, we got the gig going.

Why This Story Is Important

When you're going into the studio, time is money. The band above was playing a show and the studio time was free since it was part of the radio station. If you're going into a studio to record, though, you're paying to be there. There are studios that cost thousands of dollars a day to rent, so even a few minutes of downtime gets expensive fast.

I've created a studio prep checklist that as a free download, no strings attached, for anyone to use. I don't even ask for your email. The only things I do ask are that you don't edit or redistribute it, and that if you want to share it with people you give them a link to this page. That's all!

Download the Studio Preparation Checklist

To download the Pinnacle Pro Sound Studio Preparation Checklist, just click this link. It's as easy as that.

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Written by James

James is the owner of Pinnacle Pro Sound and has a broad experience in the music industry from radio to concert production and touring. Look out for occasional posts with tips for artists to make the most of their careers in music!