Pinnacle Pro Sound provides several services to meet your audio needs


If you want the heaviest tones and the best final product, I can help you from start to finish.


Online mixing to get exactly the sound you want, without having to travel to an expensive studio.


Great deals on loud and heavy mastering for your loud and heavy mixes.



Meet the engineer behind Pinnacle Pro Sound

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James Cross

Lead Engineer

These days a lot of artists think a professional release is beyond their means and try to do it themselves. While that might work for some people, more often than not it results in a sub-par end product. I work with artists who track their own material to mix and master their songs to create the end product they have been dreaming of.

Larry Parker

Lead Marketer

Diana Pertersen

Lead Developer

Sample Work

Each title indicates the genre, artist, title, and the work I performed on the song.

  1. Pop punk - Co-produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered. Infinite Signal 3:20
  2. Indie - Recorded (live), Mixed, and Mastered Coquette 3:58
  3. Ska-punk - Recorded (live), Mixed, and Mastered Mrs. Skannotto 3:05
  4. Horrorcore - Mastered JXV 2:55
  5. Emo/Pop punk - Recorded (live), Mixed, and Mastered The Traditional 3:44

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